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Sponsors 2010:

Tequila Fortaleza
5 Generations of Tradition

Manos de Mexicanos
By Mexican Hands

Fantasy Junction
Fine cars find new owners

Baja Bound Insurance
Insurance for all Mexico

Lucha Libre Taco shop
Home of the Champions booth

Warren Percell
Fine signs fine fellow

Past Sponsors:

Howling Monkey Energy Drink
Awesome in a can

Tequila Fortaleza
5 Generations of Tradition

Mike Young
Vintage Datsun guru

V.T.O. Performance
Exclusive importer of Superlite wheels

Con Surfboards
Live the legend

Baja Bound Insurance
Insurance for all Mexico

Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine
Old School Japanese Cars

Hiball Energy Drink
Crisp, clean energy


La Carrera Panamericana
The whole enchilada
Gerie Bledsoe
Call him once a week, that's all he asks

La Carrera Blogs:

Gerie's Blog

California's Best Racing Team
2007 blogger to beat

Apple Farmer Racing
They only look laid back

Taxi El Perdido
El Taxi mas Rapido

Artist, blogger, navigator

Road Rally Rhythms
The soul of the Carrera

Kristen Stewart
Handcuffs not arm restraints...

Datsun 510 Carrera Team
Francisco Ortiz

Leningrad Cowboys
Hey--Pink Floyd did it

Mats Hammarlund
I don't got no skeekin' stickers

Lauren Scheller
Father & Daughter in a '54 Ford

Predator Racing
Beautiful machines driven hard

Tom and George
One sweet 544

Rachel Larratt
Baby's got tat's

Bret Haller
Billions and billions of photos

Go Fast Sports
If you don't have a cold Monkey

Bad Luck Good Luck
Steve Wicklo's 2007 Run

Fast Little Abarth
Italian micro fun

Galaxie 1963
Three men in a 1963 Galaxie

Charlie Samples
Photographer and navigator

Carrera Stories:

Tequila Tyres and Trouble
A British Photogs story

Sports Car Digest
2009 Carrera Results

The Odd Couple tackles the Carrera
Stephen Page and Rusty Ward

Cars and other interests:

Bring a Trailer
The best vintage car site I've found

Cars, cars, cars and automobiles too

Lucha World
Need to know what's going on in the world of Lucha Libre?

Jesse Alexander
He shot the 1953 La Carrera Panamericana

Sarah Wilson
2006 Official team photographer

Amici Americana Della Mille Miglia
Hosts of Nor Cal driving events

Motoring J Style
Like Japanese Cars

Roadster Owners Club
Got a Datsun Roadster?

Mad Maps
Got a road trip?

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