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Lucha Libre Racing 2011

Carson and Lauren Scheller get the Fortaleza love this year.

While the Lucha Libre Racing Datsun Roadster is not in the race this year, I will be covering all the action. "Like" us or not on Facebook to follow the daily posts: Lucha Libre Racing on Facebook 

Lucha Libre Racing 2010

Tom Overbaugh, seen here with engine trouble in 2008, teams up with Michael Emery

Tom Overbaugh has a deep love for cars. He resides, with his wife, in Trumansburg NY, where he owns a Propane and Heating oil business. His passion is his work for Rotary International, finding and placing international exchange students. When asked why he races a 1954 Lincoln in the Original Pan Am Class he says "I'm a purist. The Lincolns were tops in the original Carrera, so when it came time to buy a car, a Lincoln was it." 2010 will be Tom's third attempt on the Carrera. His goal is "to finish, and finish respectfully." My goal is to help make that happen. As an aside, Tom says he still owns the first car he ever purchased.

Lucha Libre Racing 2008

Lucha Libre Racing, still smiling on day 5, Aguascalientes
L to R Dan Brubaker, Michael Emery, Joe Brubaker and Brent Zerull

Piloto Joe Brubaker is a life long car guy. For the last 6 years, he’s been wringing every last second out of his Mini Cooper at Northern California tracks. Two years ago he stepped up to a Porshe Carrera, that is now seeing more time on the track than on the road. After hearing the account of the Lucha Libre Racing team’s assault on the 2006 La Carrera Panamericana, he decided that 2008 would be his year. He carefully researched building his own Carrera ride, running his Mini in the Unlimited Class, or buying a veteran car. When Emery proposed that they take on La Carrera Panamericana together, in the Datsun, he jumped at the opportunity.

Brubaker began his art career as a painter, but soon found inspiration from his travels where he encountered Mexican Santos and indigenous arts from many cultures. He currently works as Sculptor, with a major retrospective opening at the Palo Alto Museum of Art in January 2009. His wife Marka, is an executive in the clothing industry. They have two adult children. His work can be seen at

Lucha Libre Racing 2006

Emery and Donovan finish with style 2006

In the 2006 race with navigator Ted Donovan, the duo embodied the philosophy that ignorance is bliss. "If you two are still running at the end, you'll be battling that all-girl SAAB team from Sweden for last place." US race director Gerie Bledsoe said. Although they were smoked by the SAAB team, they did finish the race. A feat accomplished by only 30% of first timers. Unfortunately, on day two, they were hamstrung by a blown water pump that lead to a blown head gasket. Repairs were made, but their chances of winning were gone. Of all the racers, they had the least amount of experience, the least amount of horsepower and they finished dead last. Finishing in last place is still a great achievement, as they finished ahead of 19 cars that blew up or crashed, and they finished with style.


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