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The 1954 Lincoln

The 1954 Lincoln owned and driven by Tom Overbaugh, navigated in 2010 by Michael Emery. Our goal for this year is to finish. Tom would like to finish respectfully. I think that any time you finish a race as difficult as the Carrera it should be respected.

The Overbaugh/Wendt Lincoln #426 at speed La Carrera 2009  Photo by Rene Ortega

The 1967 Datsun Fairlady 1600

The Datsun model 311 Fairlady, is an indestructible two-seat roadster that won 10 National titles in 20 years. Actor, turned racer, Paul Newman, got his start driving a Fairlady. Bob Bondurant began his high performance Bondurant School of Racing, with a pair of Fairlady's. On the East Coast, Bob Sharp made Datsun the marque to beat, when he raced his #33 Fairlady. On the West Coast, Pete Brock and BRE did the same. Even the famous Tonight Show host Jay Leno attributes his love for cars to his first car, a Datsun Fairlady 1600.
When Michael Emery, who's first car was also a Datsun, albeit a 510, decided to contest the 2006 La Carrera Panamericana, he knew "doing it in a Datsun" was the only way to go.

Campaigning the first Datsun in the Mexican Road Race was helped by
my dear friend John Weinsheim,
"Wino" who said: "If you're crazy enough to run the Carrera, hell, I'll give you my Roadster." After I found out what it would cost to ship it from his Wisconsin garage to San Francisco I ended up buying one locally on Craigslist. Eventually, Craigslist would yield yet another Roadster and the two Roadsters became one.

The Lucha Libre Racing Datsun Fairlady was originally constructed by Greg Tuetken, a Datsun enthusiast and race car builder based in Novato, California. Vintage parts supplied by Datsun genius Mike Young.
Have a Roadster, want a Roadster? Check his website out at: 

The Lucha Libre Roadster is running a totally stock 5 Main vintage 1967.5 low mileage R16 1600cc engine. It is fed by twin SU carburetors.  A newly rebuilt
4 speed transmission, Nissan competition sway bar and springs, KYB gas shocks, 4 wheel disc brakes, (Junk yard swap engineered by Greg Tuetken) Auto Meter gauges and Crow Racing 5 pt harnesses over faux Recaro seats round out the package. Currently, it is shod with 195/60/15 Yokohamas riding on 15x6 Superlites courtesy of my sponsor Pack Racing.

Click play to view testing session
Paris, France

 1967 Datsun 1600

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